Monday, July 29, 2013

Dude, do you even read?

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I am a terrible blogger…
My last post was months ago…I know, I know…

And yet, look at me now! Trying to get back into it!

To be honest, this is probably gonna be a one-off again though, because in two weeks I am flying home to Canada for 3+ weeks, and my time til then will be mostly spent cuddling up to my boyfriend, who is leaving for a year abroad while I’m gonna be away, and trying not to cry about it…

Still! I’ve been meaning to do make this post for a while! So finally, without further ado, here it is. A post about books!

“Books?!” I hear you say “Bleeeeergh…. Who likes books?!”

Well, I do.

And all the cool kids, nowadays, apparently. ^_-
Look at how popular YA has become!!

Personally, I go back and forth between Fantasy, YA, chick-lit, historical/mythical fiction, and some random best-sellers here and there. Oh and I like to throw a classic in there too, every once in a while, since it makes me feel smart, and they're free on kindle. My true love will always remain Fantasy though. <3

I’ve always liked reading. I’ve just never been very diligent about it. I especially love big, thick, giant fantasy thomes-of-a-book, and I would read them mostly on my way to/from school and later, work. I hardly ever read at home. It was too boring for me. Nevermind that I have the attention-span of a 5 y.o. and can never sit still reading a book for more than 20-30 minutes. As a teenager and young adult, I read all the Harry Potters, all the Lord of the Rings (even blundered through the Silmarillion, oh lord…) as well as all the Anne Rice books. Then I got into the Wheel of Times… As you can see, I was a big fan of series before it was even a “thing” :p

About 2 years ago, I discovered Goodreads ( , on a lonely summer holiday afternoon, when (as a JET) I was forced to come into school and there was nothing there for me to do but sit at my desk and try to find a way for the internet to entertain me for 8 hours a day. I was amazed! What was this genius idea?! This was like a facebook for people who liked books! I could find recommendations; there were groups and message boards… I’d never have to read a book I didn’t like ever again!! (at that point, I had joined a local book-club in an effort to better myself as a reader, but I was disappointed because they kept picking all these shitty titles… in the end the book club just kinda dissolved by itself…) but this! It was like a book club online with people who had the same taste in books I did!

Anyways, long story short, I started logging in the books I was reading, and getting more and more into it. I started “forcing” myself to read more, not just on the train, but at home too, and to try and give the books I read intelligent reviews. Now, I’m really into it, and I went from reading a book in two months, to reading a book in two weeks or less (bear in mind that I’m thinking about things that weigh 2kg and have like 700+ pages here… when I read a “normal” book of 300-ish pages it takes 3-5 days). I’m hooked! And I want to share this with you.

These are all the books I’ve read this year so far!

Now, I’m aware that this blog is not really the appropriate space to go gushing on and on about books, which is why I made a new blog page just for that. Please, if you like reading, it would make me really happy if you went on to follow me there as well. And I won’t stop this blog, and I will carry on talking about shoes. :p

Oh and if you want to add me on goodreads, that’d be cool too.

Peace out!
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Monday, May 13, 2013

My diet (woes)

Since last November, I have started a “weightloss journey” (or more commonly called a DIET…) and have lost about 25lbs.

Now some of you may say “wow, KC, that’s amazing!” and yes, maybe, at first glance, that is a pretty hefty number, but I lost the first 20lbs in about 2 months, and then about 5lbs over the next 4 months. That’s right, that’s about a pound a month, which is pretty depressing considering how hard I’m working, and would make anyone else give up and run for the donuts.

Maybe you’ll say to me “well, maybe you’re eating too much!” or “you’re not exercising enough!” and you would be wrong in every preconception… believe me, I have tried many many things (within the realm of healthy diets) and it’s like, past a certain point, my body refuses to lose weight. I think this because, twice, in the past, I have dieted and reached this weight, and twice in the past, I have hit a wall that has made me fume, and eventually give up. I really hate it. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

Well anyways, this time, I am not giving up. It might be frustrating, but if I stick to it, it must go down, right? If I lose a pound or two a month, then a year from now I might have lost another 20lbs, which would not be bad at all! It still sucks, especially when you hear that the “healthy rate” is 1-2lbs a WEEK, but what can you do…

Now, if you were curious, here is what I am doing.

First off, I am “eating clean”. Now what does that mean? Well, that means whole foods. “real” foods. Foods that don’t come from a package, and recipes that you make yourself. I eat lots of veggies and fruits, and I make stir-frys with meat or seafood. I eat nuts and avocadoes, and lots and lots of salad. I eat oatmeal in the morning and not much more carbs during the rest of the day. And I (try to) drink lots of water.  I have a “cheat day” once a week, where I allow myself to eat whatever I want (cake!!!) but I don’t really go that crazy. I know cheat days tend to slow the process down a bit, but they keep me sane, so I keep them.


 The second thing that has helped me stay motivated is tumblr. There is this tumblr community that calls itself the “fitblrcommunity, which is a bunch of girls (and a few dudes) who are either trying to lose weight/get fit, or have already achieved that, and basically everyone posts before/after pics, fitspiration pics of thin/fit girls, and messages of motivation, as well as photos of delicious healthy foods. It might sound stupid but I am 100% sure that this is the reason that I have not given up with my diet this time around. 5 minutes of scrolling on tumblr and I am out of excuses and ready to work out!! If you wanna check out my tumblr, it’s here:

Next is exercise! Now, I am the laziest person in the world. I hate sports, I hate moving my butt for any reason (especially when I don’t have to) and I haaaaate cardio above anything else on this godforsaken-Earth. But since January 1st, I have been working out EVERY SINGLE DAY!! How’s that for dedication? First, I did Jillian Micheals’ “30 Day Shred” video (which I already owned and had done years ago) and I told myself that I had to finish it all within January, and I did it! After that, I lucked into a copy of Jillian’s “Body Revolution” series, and I started that, and I am still doing that. Body Revolution is a 3-month workout program (a bit like “Insanity”, if you’ve heard about it) that has a variety of different workouts, with level increases every 2 weeks. It’s fucking hard. I’m actually on my 4th month of doing it because from the second month up, I did every circuit 3 weeks instead of 2. My body was just not ready for the increases!!! Lol. Well anyways. When I’m done with that, I’m thinking of starting Insanity. But actually, I’m sccared. :p


I use myfitnesspal on my iphone. If you don’t know, this is an app that counts calories for you. You log in what you eat and you can search the online database of foods and it’ll give you the amount of calories for a LOT of stuff (even japanesey stuff!) or you can create new foods and enter them in the system. You can calculate calories in your homemade recipes too. If you workout and log it in, it’ll take your exercise into account and up your calories accordingly, which is pretty cool. But the reason that I like it so much is that it’s so EASY and since it’s on my phone, I can log stuff in as soon as I eat it. I tried journaling before and it was SUCH a pain because I would do it at the end of the day and I would forget stuff or not know how many calories was in something… but this is so convenient!!!

I’ve only been using it for about a month though. Before that, I wasn’t counting calories and I was only “eating clean” and I was eating no carbs whatsoever. Now I am eating a little less clean, because, with the counting system, I can usually account for a few calories of junk here and there ^_- I’m not sure which is worse… actually, I switched things up because I was really frustrated with the dragging of my weight-loss, and a friend suggested that I might not be eating enough (I wasn’t) and that I should eat more and that maybe then I would lose more weight. Well, it didn’t happen. Everything is just staying the same.

I have this theory that I’m losing weight so slowly because of my sleep problems. Apparently, good sleep is a key element in weightloss and health. And if that’s the case, well, there’s really not much I can do. You see, on any given night, I will wake up anywhere from 3 to 10 times. So I never reach the “deep” sleep that is really restful… that’s why I always have giant bags under my eyes. It really sucks actually, but until they invent pills to make me comatose for 8 hours, it’s something I have to live with…

Aaaanyhow. Sorry about this long rant! It did turn into a bit of a rant, didn’t it? I shall leave you with some before and after photos, so we can all appreciate that even slow progress is still progress!!!

Peace out!

PS: the only downside to this whole thing is that my boobs have SHRUNK!! Like, a lot! I have never been a C cup in my life… *cries forever*
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Soup curry in Hachioji

 My boyfriend lives in the countryside, on the very edge of the Tokyo borders. If you were to take the train to Shinjuku from where he lives, it would take you about an hour. Since there is not much to do there, we usually meet here in Koenji, or in other more central areas of Tokyo, but every once in a while, I make the trek to Hachioji for a date, so that he doesn’t have to bear the long ride back home in the grossly overpacked train ^_-

I took one such trip last week. Bf had been sick for a little while, and he was finally doing better so he decided to take me to this soup curry shop he liked. Normally, I wouldn’t bother telling you about a lunch date in Hachioji, but this shop was so interesting and cute, I thought it was worth mentioning!

Actually, I don’t even know what it’s called since the name was all in kanji, but upon having a look at the website, I think it’s “Okushou”? I asked the bf after we left, but he said he didn’t know either. What?!? :p

The original restaurant is from Hokkaido, and apparently, this is the only other one on the mainland. Ooooh… But… why you had to choose Hajioji to open shop in???? :/

The restaurant was really really tiny. It seats about 12 people max, and bf said that it was always busy. Indeed, we went there on a Friday at around 1pm, and we had to wait about 40 minutes before we could sit down. They gave us menus and took our order while we were waiting though, so we didn’t actually have to wait that much longer for our food. One funny thing was that, upon taking a look at my pasty gaijin face, the cute little waitress exclaimed in Japanese “we have English menus!” then ran inside and came back out with a nicely typed English menu and proudly gave it to me, asking to let her know if there were any mistakes in it. lol. Turns out I was the very first person to try out their English menu, haha. Apparently, one of their former staff who was studying English at university had made it just for fun. Guess that tells you how often they’ve seen a foreigner in there…

When bf had told me we were going to a curry place, I thought he meant Indian (since he loves it so much) or Japanese (you know that gravy stuff…) but this place was neither. It was more of a “spicy soup” thing than curry, if you ask me…

I ordered one that said “cabbage and bacon” on the menu, while bf ordered the “vegetables” one. We only had to wait about 10-15 minutes or so before our food arrived. Two ginormous bowls full of delicious and healthy-looking food! Look at this! Yum!

BF's food

My food

Now if you don’t know, I am on a diet now, so going to places like this is really awesome because everything in there is healthy and diet-proof. You could even order “genmai” (brown rice) instead of normal rice, which was pretty sweet! I feel no shame in saying that I ate the whole entire thing.


The inside of the restaurant was really charming with its old-fashioned décor, and even the inside of the toilet was really cute! lol. 

i sent bf to take the pics after i'd already been in... lol...

One thing that was kinda annoying though, was that the booth where we were sitting had these two low-slung couches, so you were sitting really far away from the side of the table, which made it kinda awkward to eat. But other than that it was fine. Plus, every “booth” had different kinds of seats, and there was a counter too. Oh! And I forgot, this is the type of restaurants where you have to take your shoes off!! Which it would have been nice to know before I decided to wear high-heeled booths to go in… but whatever…

They also had a little notebook on our table, in which you were supposed to write comments about your meal, or draw pictures.

All in all, I had I had a really lovely experience. I’d definitely go there again if it wasn’t so damn far! If you’re ever in the area though, you should check it out!

Here’s a little map on how to get there from the station.

They have a really cute website too, if you can read Japanese…


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Sunday, March 10, 2013

My makeup routine

Hello everyone!

Well, I promised I was gonna talk about makeup, so here I am!

As you know, I love makeup. I own a lot of it, and I wear a lot of it. This is just a basic look as what I put on my face on a day-to-day basis. Of course, I might play with the colors, or the thickness of my eyeliner, or add some false lashes to the mix, but usually, this is what I do every day. Yes, even when I go to work.

And now... ready? 

Oh my goodness! I really hate my face without makeup. I look like I’m 12, and like I’ve been living in a cave for the last 10 years… lol.

These are the basic products that I use first

From left to right:

1.    It’s Skin power 10 formula VC effector
2.    Biotherm Homme high recharge eye shot
3.    Etude House precious minerals BB cream
4.  Tony Moly Silky Smooth Balm
5.    L’Oreal Revitalift eye contours roll-on concealer
6.    Etude House precious minerals powder

Now let me ramble on a bit about each product.

The little yellow bottle is from the Korean brand It’s Skin. If you don’t know yet, Korean cosmetics are absolutely AWESOME, and have the added benefit of being super CHEAP! I bought this on a whim in Shin-Okubo (korea-town) and I really like it. They have a whole line of these for various things from whitening your skin, to wrinkles, to tightening your skin… there’s like 12 different colors and they all do something different. This one is for brightening up your skin, and you can really see it seconds after you apply it. I’m not really sure as to “what” it is… a moisturizer? A moisturizing toner? Essence? But whatever. It feels like a light moisturizer so that’s what I use it for.

After that, I use the little Biotherm eye stick. You might have noticed that it’s from the men’s line. Yes. And who cares? Lol. I was looking for something for the circles under my eyes (that never ever go away) and the girl at the store when I went home recommended this to me. For some reason, there isn’t an equivalent in the women’s line… why?? This thing does something similar to the VC Effector, it has green tea and other ingredients that activate the circulation of the blood under your skin, so it brightens up those dark areas under your eyes. I also sometimes use it on my nose, where it’s a bit red, and the redness goes away! It’s a really nice little product! (^^)

Now, as for the order of things, I’m not sure if you should put the primer on before or after the BB cream (since bb cream is also a moisturizer…) but I always put the bb cream on first since it has moisturizing propreties and i'm afraid the primer would prevent it from really soaking into my skin. 

The BB cream I use is from another Korean brand, Etude House, and I really love it and it’s so cheap and awesome, especially in the summer cuz it’s very light. I used to buy MAC foundation before and I was paying through the roof (4,000yen) cuz it’s more expensive here than back home… stupid import laws… but I tried this one and I just loved it! And it’s only about 1,700yen. As you can see, that’s a huge price gap. I do not miss my MAC :p

After the BB cream, I follow up with the shinny little egg (no but seriously, isn’t the packaging totally cute?!) from Tony Moly, which is another Korean brand. This is a make up primer/base and it’s AMAZING. I don’t use it everyday though, cuz mostly I can’t be bothered, but if I have a special occasion or a big date, I’ll definitely add the extra step. What it does is that it makes your skin suuuuuper smooth, going over your wrinkles or imperfections, so that when you apply your makeup afterwards, your skin is less “bumpy” and thus the makeup goes on smoother.

After that, I put concealer under my eyes. As I’ve mentioned before, the circles under my eyes are my worst “problem area”. They’re not circles, really, I just have these deep wedges under my eyes that no amount of sleep can make go away… *sigh* so I’ve tried a LOT of different types of concealers. I really like this L’Oreal one because it also doubles as an anti-wrinkle cream. Who knows how well that works, but the concealer at least works very well. It’s liquidy and goes on very smooth. There are only 2 shades though, so if you’re not pasty white, or pasty pink, you’re out of luck.

Finally, I apply a light coating of powder all over my face to set things in place, and voila! Step 1 is done. (lol. We’re only getting started)

Once my base makeup is done, I’ll apply some blush. These days, I’m really liking this BYS bronzer that I got, and I wear it pretty much all the time, even paired with another blush. Today I’m wearing it with a bright pink blush from MAC. But I change pretty much every day. I have about 10 different shades of blush. What I do is I brush on some bronzer on my cheekbones, then I go down towards my chin. Then I apply the pink color on the apples of my cheeks.

Now that was a lot of me talking, and no pictures for you. I’m sorry. I actually took some photos of my face in between stages, but I was so appalled by them that I decided not to show you. Haha. Patience though, there are some coming!

1.    A medium eyeshadow brush
2.    A thin eyeshadow brush
3.    A big fluffy eyeshadow brush
4.    Coastal Scents ultra-shimmer palette
5.    MAC eyeshadow base
6.    Maybelline eyeliner pencil
7.    Eyeliner brush (this is actually a lip-liner brush though… lol)
8.    MAC gel liner


Ok, this is the fun part. Look at that color palette. Look at it!!! Actually, I have two of those cuz they were having a sale on the Coastal Scents website when I bought it. My second one is called “Metal Mania” and has – as the name says – more metallic tones. This is great if you are someone who loves playing with colors when you do your makeup and wear something different every day. If, however, you’re someone who tends to wear the same shades all the time, I wouldn’t recommend this since the little plaquettes of eyeshadow are so small, you’d run out of them really fast. Also, you need a primer for this eyeshadow if you want it to stay on. But that’s only a minor setback. I use a MAC primer. And though it’s expensive, I bought it last summer and use it every single day and I’m not even halfway done yet, so it’s definitely worth it.

So first, that’s what you wanna do. Apply the eyeshadow base all over your lid.

Then, you wanna choose a “medium” color and – using the medium brush – apply it all over your lid.

After that, you’re gonna pick a light color and apply it under your eyebrow. I suggest not using anything other than shades of white to yellowy gold, cuz it just looks weird.

Then, you’re gonna pick a dark color, and apply it in the corner of your eye, making a little “V” with your smaller brush.

After that, you take the fluffy brush and blend it all in. and tadah! Pretty eyeshadow.

After the shadow, it’s eyeliner time. This is my lazy day makeup, so I just line my lower lashes with the pencil, and smudge it a bit. Because I’m blonde, it looks like I have no bottom lashes (or upper lashes for that matter) so doing that creates a little bit of eye-contour for me. 

Then, I take my MAC gel liner, and paint it onto my upper lash line with my lip-liner brush. The reason I use a lip liner brush for my eyeliner is that I like the length and it works well for me. I also use MAC gel liner because it gives a really strong, dark, black, and it doesn’t “double up” throughout the day. I’m not sure what the professional term is for this, but with many types of eyeliner, you’ll put it on and go through your day and then stop in the bathroom at 3pm and realize that your eyeliner has printed a little copy of itself into your eye crease, and it’s really not sexy at all (haha). Well MAC gel doesn’t do that. So go buy it! Lol. Also, one little pot like that lasts a really long time. More than 6 months. And I use it every day.

Finally, the last 2 steps are mascara, and lipstick. Now, my favorite mascara of all time is Hypnose by Lancome, but it’s about 4000yen a tube here, and lasts about 3 months, and I am poor, so now I use Maybelline Magnum Volume Express. It’s really not bad for a cheapie mascara. And look, I got a hello kitty on this one! XD

Tip for really volumey lashes : don’t apply your mascara for 5 seconds!! Spend at least one or two minute on each eye! Do it over and over again! Start from your lashline then zigzag up. Again and again. And then, to reach the tip of the lashes and make them longer, you gotta look down and push your brush up. Or I do this thing where I keep my brush in place and just blink on it. It sounds really retarded said like this, but it makes a huge difference.

Finally, I applied a bit of Melliesh lip gloss to my lips, and voila! Unfortunately, it seems that they’ve discontinued this particular type of gloss… which is a shame cuz it’s really nice.

And here's the final result!

And here’s a montage of me pulling stupid faces…

That’s it!

I hope I didn’t bore you too much with the details, but I do love blathering on about makeup. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions about products and whatnot!!


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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kiddy coffee date

please forgive my shitty picture-taking skills...

The other day, the boyfriend and I were looking for a place to kill time around Koenji, and we ended up going to this little Café called “All C’s Café”. It’s on the second floor of a building and we’d passed by it loads of times but he never wanted to go in cuz he said it was meant for kids. Lol.

Well, you’ll see…

it's like an apartment door in a hallway...

The inside was made up to be like a gingerbread house, and it was really cute!!! Well, actually, only one part of the café was cute… the part where we sat, by the windows, overlooking the street. It was like a little alcove of cuteness with cushions shaped like cookies and candies and really low ceilings. The middle part of the shop, however, left a bit to be desired… it was really barren with mismatched tables and chairs that look like they belong in your autie’s house or something. And it looked like the inside of someone’s apartment, which of course, it was. This space was obviously not meant to be a business, and someone renovated a large apartment into a quaint little café. I think with a bit more work, the whole thing could be really cute.

I could see the childlike “theme” all around, the cookies and cushions and there were boxes of plushies and toys, but it was definitely just a normal café… Bf’s fears were unfounded! Also, when we went there, it was completely empty!! It was about 4pm on a Thursday or Friday afternoon… I forget…

But anyways, so we were basically there just to kill time until the restaurant we wanted to go to actually opened, so I just ordered a latte. Look how cute it was! It was severely overpriced though (580yen), for the tininess of that cup… *sigh* but such is life, in Japan, I guess.

look at the little face drawn into the foam!

Bf had some honey toast, since he can basically ingest anything he wants and stay stick thin… *sigh*

They had this little old-fashioned bell that you had to ring if you wanted to call the waitress over!

This is what the counter looked like… over-run with cookies, toys, cakes and cooking implements. I found it charming.

These cookies basically jumped at me and I HAD to take a picture, because one of my students (incidently, my one “devilchild”… lol) is OBSESSED with this character called “kikilala”… all she does is draw kikilala pictures all over the place and ask me to buy kikilala stickers… I figured I’d take a picture and show her… lol.

Overall, it was a cute place but I’m not sure I’d go back. I was kinda unimpressed with the prices, and there are sooooo many other funky places in Koenji. But it’s definitely worth a look if you’re into cute things like that.

Here’s the address:   I know it looks far on this little map, but it's only like a 3 min walk from the station.

166-0002 Tokyo, Suginami, Koenjikita,
3丁目2524 三宅ビル2F‎

Peace out!

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

I don't like kimchi...

Hello everyone! I've been wondering how to start this blog, and delaying and delaying the first post because I kept wondering what I should start with… well… I guess I should just jump into it, right? So here I go.

Last Sunday, I met Simon and Martina!

If you don’t know them, let me tell you a little bit about them. They are a Canadian couple who live in South Korea, and now make a living as full time “vloggers”, commenting on k-pop music and exploring Korea  They are pretty “internet famous”, and I’m a really big fan of theirs cuz they seem so relatable, and their videos are really funny. Check out their website .

Anyways, they very suddenly announced that they were coming to Japan, and I was really excited because I missed them the last time they were here since it coincided with my trip back home in March. So when they posted online that they were going to be in Harajuku on Sunday, I rallied my friend Val to go and hunt them down!

Apparently I wasn't the only one who’d had that idea because when we arrived at Takeshita Doori exit, we immediately spotted this big group of foreigners who were waiting for them. lol. We made a few laps around Takeshita Doori, and even went to check the Meiji Jingu area, but our search remained fruitless. So we decided to go back to where the other folks were waiting, and wait there too. About 30 minutes later, I heard some squeals and saw one girl run down a few steps, towards bright pink hair. Soon, everybody else followed and Simon and Martina were just like “hey guys!” as if we were long time friends and they’d seen us just the day before. So chill, these two, so chill.

The first thing that struck me was “wow, Martina is really pretty!” I know that’s a bit stupid, and I’m not saying that she’s not pretty on camera, but she was a lot prettier in person! I guess that’s a good thing though, right? You don’t want it to be the other way around. And she’s taller than I thought too. I always imagined her to be pretty short, but that’s only cuz Simon is so much taller. And boy, is he tall!! Like, really tall!! Lol. And he was super skinny too… and you know how I feel about tall skinny guys….. haha!

Well anyways, everyone was very excited and S&M suggested that we move out of the way cuz we were kinda blocking the street. It was decided that we would go to Yoyogi park since it was nearby, but since everybody wanted a piece of them, and a bunch of people kept leaving halfway through, the process was very slow going.

We bought some takoyaki and Martina got excited about getting two service balls (eheh…) before heading towards a sunlit concrete patch where we could all sit down and keep our bums relative spotless. Martina had this shawl-cape thingie that she spread on the floor and told people to go sit on it. So sweet! Then she said it was the cape they use for Mordney Presents skits!! :p  so everyone sat down in a big circle and we all started chatting.

There were about 20 people there… and one dude. Poor guy. Lol. It was a bit weird in the circle because there were two conversations going on; one around Martina, and one around Simon. I actually chatted with Simon most of the time, cuz I only had to fight 2 other people to get my comments in, vs 16 hyper girls who were all vying for Martina’s attention, haha. I would try to listen in on the Martina convo at times and it seemed to always revolve around girly stuff. I only butted-in when they started talking about nails though. XD

Simon was talking about a lot of various things, from managing the website, to differences between Japan and Korea, and teaching. He told us lots of stuff (which I’m not sure I should be repeating on here…) about his “bad” school and why he quit… but it was interesting for me as a teacher to compare POVs.

Hmm… I guess the only funny part I remember well was Martina (followed by everyone else) starting to sing the “TAE-MAAAAAN!” song… and then telling us that Simon originally thought it was lame and they almost didn't put it in! no!!! that skit was so funny!

So anyways, I won’t bore you, but it was really nice and fun, and we were lucky that the weather was so nice, cuz bear in mind it’s still February, and we stayed sitting there outside for like 2 hours. After a while everybody was freezing proper, and they had to go to upload a video so they couldn't stay much longer. And then, instead of just taking big lame group shots (you know the ones where YOU always end up looking stupid or with your eyes closed…) they let every person take a pic alone with them which I thought was really sweet! And they were doing all these different funny poses. By the end of it they were having us shouting animal names at them. lol. Pretty funny.

Here’s mine.

We did manage to get some group shots as well because our one male Nastie went to recruit a j-girl nearby to take our pics. So here’s the good one…

And here’s the stupid one! (you can click on the pictures to make them bigger!)

Oh, oh, and look! I’m actually in one of the videos they posted! Can’t believe it!!! Now I can die happy, haha…

So anyways, I had a really great time.

Afterwards Val and I wandered around Harajuku a bit, and I ended up leaving with only buying one shirt!! I am trying to be good....

peace out!
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Take 2

Hello again! wow, has it really been almost one year since I "tried" to start this blog??? Hahaha...

Well, a lot of things happened, and I got lazy... but now, I'm gonna try to be a little bit less lazy!

I wanna give a big thanks to Lou, who made this awesome super-cute layout for me, and without further ado, I'm gonna start blogging!

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