Sunday, February 24, 2013

I don't like kimchi...

Hello everyone! I've been wondering how to start this blog, and delaying and delaying the first post because I kept wondering what I should start with… well… I guess I should just jump into it, right? So here I go.

Last Sunday, I met Simon and Martina!

If you don’t know them, let me tell you a little bit about them. They are a Canadian couple who live in South Korea, and now make a living as full time “vloggers”, commenting on k-pop music and exploring Korea  They are pretty “internet famous”, and I’m a really big fan of theirs cuz they seem so relatable, and their videos are really funny. Check out their website .

Anyways, they very suddenly announced that they were coming to Japan, and I was really excited because I missed them the last time they were here since it coincided with my trip back home in March. So when they posted online that they were going to be in Harajuku on Sunday, I rallied my friend Val to go and hunt them down!

Apparently I wasn't the only one who’d had that idea because when we arrived at Takeshita Doori exit, we immediately spotted this big group of foreigners who were waiting for them. lol. We made a few laps around Takeshita Doori, and even went to check the Meiji Jingu area, but our search remained fruitless. So we decided to go back to where the other folks were waiting, and wait there too. About 30 minutes later, I heard some squeals and saw one girl run down a few steps, towards bright pink hair. Soon, everybody else followed and Simon and Martina were just like “hey guys!” as if we were long time friends and they’d seen us just the day before. So chill, these two, so chill.

The first thing that struck me was “wow, Martina is really pretty!” I know that’s a bit stupid, and I’m not saying that she’s not pretty on camera, but she was a lot prettier in person! I guess that’s a good thing though, right? You don’t want it to be the other way around. And she’s taller than I thought too. I always imagined her to be pretty short, but that’s only cuz Simon is so much taller. And boy, is he tall!! Like, really tall!! Lol. And he was super skinny too… and you know how I feel about tall skinny guys….. haha!

Well anyways, everyone was very excited and S&M suggested that we move out of the way cuz we were kinda blocking the street. It was decided that we would go to Yoyogi park since it was nearby, but since everybody wanted a piece of them, and a bunch of people kept leaving halfway through, the process was very slow going.

We bought some takoyaki and Martina got excited about getting two service balls (eheh…) before heading towards a sunlit concrete patch where we could all sit down and keep our bums relative spotless. Martina had this shawl-cape thingie that she spread on the floor and told people to go sit on it. So sweet! Then she said it was the cape they use for Mordney Presents skits!! :p  so everyone sat down in a big circle and we all started chatting.

There were about 20 people there… and one dude. Poor guy. Lol. It was a bit weird in the circle because there were two conversations going on; one around Martina, and one around Simon. I actually chatted with Simon most of the time, cuz I only had to fight 2 other people to get my comments in, vs 16 hyper girls who were all vying for Martina’s attention, haha. I would try to listen in on the Martina convo at times and it seemed to always revolve around girly stuff. I only butted-in when they started talking about nails though. XD

Simon was talking about a lot of various things, from managing the website, to differences between Japan and Korea, and teaching. He told us lots of stuff (which I’m not sure I should be repeating on here…) about his “bad” school and why he quit… but it was interesting for me as a teacher to compare POVs.

Hmm… I guess the only funny part I remember well was Martina (followed by everyone else) starting to sing the “TAE-MAAAAAN!” song… and then telling us that Simon originally thought it was lame and they almost didn't put it in! no!!! that skit was so funny!

So anyways, I won’t bore you, but it was really nice and fun, and we were lucky that the weather was so nice, cuz bear in mind it’s still February, and we stayed sitting there outside for like 2 hours. After a while everybody was freezing proper, and they had to go to upload a video so they couldn't stay much longer. And then, instead of just taking big lame group shots (you know the ones where YOU always end up looking stupid or with your eyes closed…) they let every person take a pic alone with them which I thought was really sweet! And they were doing all these different funny poses. By the end of it they were having us shouting animal names at them. lol. Pretty funny.

Here’s mine.

We did manage to get some group shots as well because our one male Nastie went to recruit a j-girl nearby to take our pics. So here’s the good one…

And here’s the stupid one! (you can click on the pictures to make them bigger!)

Oh, oh, and look! I’m actually in one of the videos they posted! Can’t believe it!!! Now I can die happy, haha…

So anyways, I had a really great time.

Afterwards Val and I wandered around Harajuku a bit, and I ended up leaving with only buying one shirt!! I am trying to be good....

peace out!


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Yayyy, been waiting for you to make this for like forever!! And your layout is super duper cute too, me gusta <3

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