Monday, May 13, 2013

My diet (woes)

Since last November, I have started a “weightloss journey” (or more commonly called a DIET…) and have lost about 25lbs.

Now some of you may say “wow, KC, that’s amazing!” and yes, maybe, at first glance, that is a pretty hefty number, but I lost the first 20lbs in about 2 months, and then about 5lbs over the next 4 months. That’s right, that’s about a pound a month, which is pretty depressing considering how hard I’m working, and would make anyone else give up and run for the donuts.

Maybe you’ll say to me “well, maybe you’re eating too much!” or “you’re not exercising enough!” and you would be wrong in every preconception… believe me, I have tried many many things (within the realm of healthy diets) and it’s like, past a certain point, my body refuses to lose weight. I think this because, twice, in the past, I have dieted and reached this weight, and twice in the past, I have hit a wall that has made me fume, and eventually give up. I really hate it. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

Well anyways, this time, I am not giving up. It might be frustrating, but if I stick to it, it must go down, right? If I lose a pound or two a month, then a year from now I might have lost another 20lbs, which would not be bad at all! It still sucks, especially when you hear that the “healthy rate” is 1-2lbs a WEEK, but what can you do…

Now, if you were curious, here is what I am doing.

First off, I am “eating clean”. Now what does that mean? Well, that means whole foods. “real” foods. Foods that don’t come from a package, and recipes that you make yourself. I eat lots of veggies and fruits, and I make stir-frys with meat or seafood. I eat nuts and avocadoes, and lots and lots of salad. I eat oatmeal in the morning and not much more carbs during the rest of the day. And I (try to) drink lots of water.  I have a “cheat day” once a week, where I allow myself to eat whatever I want (cake!!!) but I don’t really go that crazy. I know cheat days tend to slow the process down a bit, but they keep me sane, so I keep them.


 The second thing that has helped me stay motivated is tumblr. There is this tumblr community that calls itself the “fitblrcommunity, which is a bunch of girls (and a few dudes) who are either trying to lose weight/get fit, or have already achieved that, and basically everyone posts before/after pics, fitspiration pics of thin/fit girls, and messages of motivation, as well as photos of delicious healthy foods. It might sound stupid but I am 100% sure that this is the reason that I have not given up with my diet this time around. 5 minutes of scrolling on tumblr and I am out of excuses and ready to work out!! If you wanna check out my tumblr, it’s here:

Next is exercise! Now, I am the laziest person in the world. I hate sports, I hate moving my butt for any reason (especially when I don’t have to) and I haaaaate cardio above anything else on this godforsaken-Earth. But since January 1st, I have been working out EVERY SINGLE DAY!! How’s that for dedication? First, I did Jillian Micheals’ “30 Day Shred” video (which I already owned and had done years ago) and I told myself that I had to finish it all within January, and I did it! After that, I lucked into a copy of Jillian’s “Body Revolution” series, and I started that, and I am still doing that. Body Revolution is a 3-month workout program (a bit like “Insanity”, if you’ve heard about it) that has a variety of different workouts, with level increases every 2 weeks. It’s fucking hard. I’m actually on my 4th month of doing it because from the second month up, I did every circuit 3 weeks instead of 2. My body was just not ready for the increases!!! Lol. Well anyways. When I’m done with that, I’m thinking of starting Insanity. But actually, I’m sccared. :p


I use myfitnesspal on my iphone. If you don’t know, this is an app that counts calories for you. You log in what you eat and you can search the online database of foods and it’ll give you the amount of calories for a LOT of stuff (even japanesey stuff!) or you can create new foods and enter them in the system. You can calculate calories in your homemade recipes too. If you workout and log it in, it’ll take your exercise into account and up your calories accordingly, which is pretty cool. But the reason that I like it so much is that it’s so EASY and since it’s on my phone, I can log stuff in as soon as I eat it. I tried journaling before and it was SUCH a pain because I would do it at the end of the day and I would forget stuff or not know how many calories was in something… but this is so convenient!!!

I’ve only been using it for about a month though. Before that, I wasn’t counting calories and I was only “eating clean” and I was eating no carbs whatsoever. Now I am eating a little less clean, because, with the counting system, I can usually account for a few calories of junk here and there ^_- I’m not sure which is worse… actually, I switched things up because I was really frustrated with the dragging of my weight-loss, and a friend suggested that I might not be eating enough (I wasn’t) and that I should eat more and that maybe then I would lose more weight. Well, it didn’t happen. Everything is just staying the same.

I have this theory that I’m losing weight so slowly because of my sleep problems. Apparently, good sleep is a key element in weightloss and health. And if that’s the case, well, there’s really not much I can do. You see, on any given night, I will wake up anywhere from 3 to 10 times. So I never reach the “deep” sleep that is really restful… that’s why I always have giant bags under my eyes. It really sucks actually, but until they invent pills to make me comatose for 8 hours, it’s something I have to live with…

Aaaanyhow. Sorry about this long rant! It did turn into a bit of a rant, didn’t it? I shall leave you with some before and after photos, so we can all appreciate that even slow progress is still progress!!!

Peace out!

PS: the only downside to this whole thing is that my boobs have SHRUNK!! Like, a lot! I have never been a C cup in my life… *cries forever*


Suteisi ♥ said...

I feel your pain sister!!!

I haven't lost that much weight since I started going to the gym and changed the way I eat, since I got back from Japan. Maybe 6 lbs... HOW ANNOYING!!! But we can't give up!!!

I did Insanity last year, it's a really great program, it's really hard, but if you don't have a system like xBox Kinect to help you work out and don't want to go to the gym, I definitely recommend Insanity. Personally, I liked Insanity better than any of the Jillian work-outs I've tried in the past. It's called Insanity for a reason, it's fucking INSANE, but I felt SO GOOD after every work out, and I noticed and improvement after the 1st month (mostly in cardio and muscle strenght). When you start doing Insanity, don't give up, go through the whole 45 min of the work out even if you want to die. The trainer, Sean, is really good at motivating you through the tv and he says it a lot: If you can't, just take a break! Take a minute to stop and catch your breath, then jump back in. What motivated me a lot about Insanity also is that there's a lot of people doing it along with Sean in the gym, you see these REALLY fit people in the back, looking like they are about to pass out!! Lol so that encouraged me a lot, HEY even THEY are having a hard time!! :)

I didn't know about myfitnesspal... I think I might download that!! It's not a bad idea, what do I got to lose by trying it out?

Good job on your progress so far!! :D Keep going!!

Ande said...

I'm so proud of you!! I know how you've been struggling and this is just amazing <3

I might take a page out of your book. Gained like 7 kilos in the past few months and I'm not happy about that.

The sleep thing definitely has something to do with it. But then again so do genetics and blah blah. You're doing everything YOU possibly can.

kawaii_candie said...

thank you darling! <3

Lou said...

You look already amaaazinng sweety!! Just wow!! :3

Chanti E said...

Wow, you already look so different! Keep at it girl! Also it sucks about the boobs, but hey at least this means you can fit into cute japanese bra's now right? :p

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